Thursday, September 02, 2004

Missing stanzas

Thanks to Alexis and Agnes for the
wonderful cabin party on Thursday,
September 2nd.

For those of you who wondered what
the missing 2 stanzas of my poem were,
here's the complete poem:


In the diamond blue night
blue words tumble
from her blue lips.
It will be a gothic story
I can’t stand to hear.

We sit across the table
set with royal blue china
on navy blue cloth,
between a cobalt blue blue bottle
of untouched wine,
hands no longer touching.

Nearby new lovers
undress each
other and make love
with sapphire eyes,
making every sentence
an excuse to touch.
The blue tablecloths
rustle silently from
the winds of passion.

Her lavender eyes ask
me to read her
coal blue mind
to understand
to make it easy – for her.

Instead I comment
the blue jazz the trio
in a far corner has been
playing for what seems
like hours. Have
they really played
our old song four times?

Tomorrow I’ll board the
aqua-striped plane and
race through the blue lights
into the violet sky
headed for the azure waters
of the Caribbean and
an island of forgetfulness.

                     — Frank Judge

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