Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Writer's Block

It is afternoon
and I am
at a coffeeshop
down the street

I sit outside
watching the
passers by
trying to
the elements of
a perfect rhyme
the elements of
a perfect rhyme
and over
and over again

But I can’t
for the
writer’s block
has taken hold

And so
I look up
to the sky
at the sun
shining bright
like it shone
through my window
at sunrise
this morning
and reflected off your
long dark hair
as you lay sleeping
I couldn’t help
but watch you there
so peacefully

My writer’s block wins
as I sit at that table
too distracted
to write
I stare blankly
into space
and think only
of last night


You were so

You are so


I am lost in a
daydream of you

The touch of
your fingers
brushing my thigh
moving higher
and higher
now you’re inside
my mouth
with your tongue
and kisses so soft

I am lost
I am lost
I am lost
inside you

Inside this
big love
that has
me whole

The page
stares back
blank and
my thoughts
do not flow
back and forth
back and forth
back and forth
in this space
between us
in this space
we call our own
in this space
that feels like home
to you
to me
to our entangled bodies

I pick up my pen
to write but
I find that
I can only
the curves of
your body and
how they felt
next to mine

So as I descend
back to Earth
I open my eyes
and slowly
I realize
my poem
will not come

I cannot
make it come
so easily

Because all that is
on my mind is
your body and
my body

Not deconstructing
the elements of
a perfect rhyme
the elements of
a perfect rhyme

So I let my
writer’s block be

For our bodies
are like poetry

Dancing words on
blank satin sheets

And right now
for me
that’s all I need

— Joy Lynne Messinger

I met Joy at a student-faculty-staff reading at
Nazareth College in April and was immmediatly
impressed by the fact that she not only knew
her work by heart but performed it.

Joy decribes herself as an "political poet;" if you
ask her, she'll give your a calling card, on which
she identifies herself as "..Poet..Dancer..Activist.."

Catch her live at an open mic at one of the local
poetry spots -- Daily Perks, W&B, Starry Nites,
Spot Coffee....

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